Poker Deposit pulsa

poker deposit pulsa
poker deposit pulsa

List of 10000 Credit Deposit Poker | Pkv Poker qq Pulsa 2021 Gambling Site — Confused about wanting to deposit online gambling but the balance in your account is empty? Relax, we have a solution for all of you to make it happen, namely using credit for deposits. Can you do that, bro? Of course you can, you must listen and read our discussion today about poker credit deposits that are trending in Indonesia.

Basically credit is used for telephone payments, there are also electricity tokens and many others. But now credit has a lot of benefits and can be used to exchange chips to play online poker gambling. So what do you do? No need to worry, we will share ways as well as a list of the best Indonesian pulse poker sites to provide deposits via credit for you.

You can use credit deposits from Telkomsel and XL providers because this is the largest and most extensive network in Indonesia that is already used in everyday life. With gambling via credit, it will provide convenience and at the same time satisfy all of you who are experiencing limited funds. So here we provide the best pkv deposit rate via credit of at least 10,000.

In the following, we will share the procedures for depositing via credit on the best and most trusted online pkv games gambling site so that in the future you can easily deposit directly. There are 2 Telkomsel and XL credit deposit poker providers that you must learn. Here’s the information for you:

Contact the online gambling site livechat of your choice
Ask for the destination number you want to send (Telkomsel & XL)
Ask for the cut
Credit transfer according to the nominal deposit or more
If so, confirm to livechat again
Attach proof of transfer or SN code, nominal and user id
Wait 1 minute then the funds will go to your account

Deposit Via Telkomsel Credit

Type * 858 * destination number * nominal #
After that press OK / DIAL / CALL
You just have to follow the next guide
The ADM fee is charged 1,500-2,000
After that, wait for the SMS to come to your cellphone that the credit has been successful

Deposit Via XL / AXIS

Type * 123 * 168 #
Select the credit transfer menu
Enter the destination number and the nominal amount of the funds you want to transfer
Enter the verification code
Press OK / CALL / DIAL
Wait until the SMS notification comes to your cellphone and it has been successful for the credit

There are also other credit transfers, namely buying credit from M-kiosks, Indomaret, Alfamart, M-Banking, credit applications and so on by having to provide proof of the credit transfer to the agent’s Customer Service.

After knowing how to transfer credit on the online pkv games poker site, now is the time for us to share a collection of the best official credit deposit poker sites in Indonesia, here are the names of the sites below: